Environmentally friendly high-definition silver mirror

Float high-definition copper-free silver mirror, made of pure silver plated with British float glass technology; with the best thickness of 5mm and 6 strict procedures, the image is true and clear, 20 meters distance without distortion. Environmental friendly paint layer, which is even, firm and stable, moisture-resistant and waterproof.

with Integrated high-tech components, you can enjoy a variety of intelligent functions with our smart mirrors.

Through sensor touch, Bluetooth or man-machine dialogue, you can set up and enjoy a variety of personalized smart functions such as anti-fog, Bluetooth, Music, Clock, Temperature, Calendar, phone call etc.

Environmental friendly cabinet materials

Selected high-quality metal sheets, all-metal cabinets and Medicine Cabinets, zero emission for the health of you and your family

Premium hardwares

Premium adjustable slow-close door hinges and under-mount slides, quiet, smooth to open and close, durable, with 50,000 times of open and close tests and and 72 hours of salt spray test.




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