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Although we spend countless time on your solid wood bathroom vanities, you may don’t know too much about your bathroom furniture. As a matter of fact, the bathroom vanity is defined as a piece of furniture that mostly consists of a sink, countertop, and mirror. Today, solid wood bathroom vanities have been developed various types.

Single Sink Vanity & Double Sink Vanity

From the perspective of function, the bathroom vanity can be primarily divided into two types of vanity:

Single Sink Vanity: The single sink vanity is a standard vanity that is commonly seen in the market. It is popular with people who live alone, with its simple and suitable size.

Double Sink Vanity: As its name suggests, it is the bathroom vanity with double sink. Compared with a single bathroom vanity set, the double sinks make the vanity has greater trainability.

Freestanding Vanity & Floating Vanity

According to the structure of the bathroom vanity, the bathroom vanity also can be divided into the following products.

●Freestanding Bathroom Vanities: Generally speaking, the buyers don’t need to pay extra money to hire the workers to install the freestanding bathroom vanities. The freestanding vanity requires no installation. The free standing vanities offer more design options.

Floating Bathroom Vanities: The floating vanities are in contrast to the freestanding vanity. It needs to be installed on the wall of the bathroom. Because of it, it allows the user could thoroughly clean the bathroom floor.

JOTTAI is a professional solid wood bathroom vanities  supplier, specialized in designing and producing the most innovative solid wood bathroom vanities in all styles. With decades of experience and technology in producing quality, JOTTAI brings a wide range of collections.




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