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Located by the bathroom sink, the full length medicine cabinet is a limited storage space that stores everyday products. Unlike the normal bathroom vanity cabinet, it is designed with dual functions for users. It not only could store the daily product but also offers a mirror for users. In a conclusion, it is a bathroom cabinet with mirrors. It would be the perfect bathroom furniture for a bathroom with limited space. If you are finding the bathroom mirror and cabinet for your rental estate, you could purchase a mirrored cabinet that is practical furniture with a favorable price. The duality of cabinet and mirror could save your bathroom space and your money.


As one of China’s leading full length medicine cabinet manufacturers, JOTTAI is dedicated to providing a top-quality full length medicine cabinet for our customers. Relying on rich manufacturing experience, reliable production team, and excellent design team, JOTTAI supports custom-made full length medicine cabinet and provides the greatest full length medicine cabinet.




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