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Bathroom Vanities are an essential furniture of any modern bathroom, offering storage space around and below your sink. JOTTAI Bathroom Vanities are available in a wide range of types - from freestanding vanity to bathroom vanity combo.

What is Bathroom Bathroom Vanities?

The bathroom vanities is a kind of bathroom furniture that usually consists of a sink, countertop, and bathroom mirror. Therefore, the bathroom vanities are the comprehensive functional furniture. Today, some modern bathroom vanities cover multiple-functions, such as bluetooth, calendar, phone call, smart mirror, and so on. 

How to Choose Bathroom Vanities Color?

Choosing the bathroom vanities color is a relative difficult task for most families. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color of your bathroom vanities. Choosing the color of the bathroom vanities like choosing the color of the new clothes

First, you need to consider the whole decoration of your bathroom. If your bathroom tiles are light colors, you could choose one color among the colors of your bathroom decoration as your bathroom vanity set’s major color, which could improve the harmony of your bathroom.

Second, if you don't want to pay more effort on choosing the color of bathroom vanities, you could try to purchase the color that can easily match other color----black or white.

JOTTAI has any style of bathroom vanities to you, modern, elegant, simple, etc. JOTTAI is the China’s leading bathroom vanities manufacture and supplier, always present the top-quality bathroom vanities to customers. JOTTAI, a professional China bathroom vanity cabinet manufactuer, provides six series of bathroom vanities which features different designs and concepts.




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