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How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Color?

Choosing the bathroom vanity color is a great question. Many bathroom vanity manufacturers offer various colors in modern bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity not only is the daily used bathroom furniture but also plays a decoration role of your bathroom design. Therefore, we should take the aesthetic value and usability into the selection of the bathroom vanity. Luckily, this post covers the methods to select the color and texture of the bathroom vanity.


Cohesiveness with Your Design

The first rule you need to be aware of is the color of the bathroom vanity set should be cohesive with your bathroom furniture design. For example, if the main color of the bathroom design is black and white, you could try to make the modern bathroom vanity unit color one of those colors. And, if you have a decent amount of natural wood fixtures in the bathroom, a natural wooden bathroom vanity may well fit your bathroom.


Personal Preference

Personal preference is one of the most important aspects in the selection of the perfect color for the bathroom vanity because you are the person using it frequently in the future. The perfect color could keep your good mood when you use it. But, you need to draft a plan to see how it looks in your bathroom, in case you don't like it eventually.


Bathroom Vanity Finish

Although the bathroom vanity finish is similar to a bathroom vanity color, there are a few key differences. First, the finish makes good use of the sheen or gloss to give off a certain amount of color or light. Second, a wide range of selections is available in the bathroom vanity finish. The matte, wood, and gloss are the three popular finishes due to their versatility as well as access.


Great Colors For A Bathroom Vanity Unit

In this section, I will list some popular and classic colors in the bathroom vanity unit, so as to take a reference on the selected colors.

White Bathroom Vanity

The white bathroom vanity is supper classic and common in homes and stores. Same as the bathroom mirror cabinet white, even if it is not the most popular selection now, it is still the safest one long-term. And, as long as you take more attention to the hardware and accessorize well, your white bathroom could well stand in the frequent change in the bathroom trend.


white bathroom vanity and sink

White Bathroom Vanity and Sink

Black Bathroom Vanities

If you can not withstand the dullness of the white and have no patience for accessorizing, the black may be your next option. And, the black is a bold option. But, I am not indicating the high-gloss modern black vanity. Instead, I recommend thee matte black bathroom vanity. It tends to be a transitional style. The black option is simple, mysterious, and dirt-resistant. If you have a cottage and farmhouse style house which the white rules, you could take a shot. The black bathroom vanity units bring you a subtly more industrial twist.

black bathroom vanity combo

Black Bathroom Vanity Combo

Gray Bathroom Vanities

Unlike the white bathroom vanity, the gray bathroom vanity has the fasted rise-and-fall cycle of a trend. Just a few years, the gray bathroom vanity has fallen down from the peak of modern design and became one of the most reviled colors. But, if you indeed love the gray bathroom vanity, you can probably catch one on clearance. Tip: The gray vanity unit is easy to decorate, but needs other colors to really shine.

gary bathroom vanity combo

Gray Bathroom Vanity Combo

Blue Bathroom Vanities

Blue may be a neglected color in the selection of the bathroom vanity. As a matter of fact, the blue one has a classic, unobtrusive feel to the bathroom design. The deep blue bathroom vanity evokes a Cape Cod style bathroom, the source of the most cottage-style element. In summary, the blue vanity is a relatively safe and fun color for your bathroom in a way, and well fits the most color schemes.

blue modern bathroom vanity

Blue Modern Bathroom Vanity

Texture of Bathroom Cabinet Unit

The texture of the cabinet is a factor that affects the color of the bathroom vanity. As above mention, the gloss surface finish would add an additional color to the bathroom design. In this section, I will give some tips about the texture and help you choose the right bathroom vanity cabinet.

The Combination between Textured and Non-Texture

The smooth texture also is accounted for a texture. The bathtub and glazed floor tiles will act as a smooth texture. Then you could choose a textured bathroom cabinet vanity to make a contrast with smooth elements, so as to build a complex but harmonious bathroom design.

Use Proper Pattern and Texture

Don't use too many patterns and texture elements. From the perspective of the design, the more texture, the less space. In other words, when the bathroom is added the pattern or texture elements, it will increase what’s going on visually in the space. Therefore, the more texture elements, the less space the bathroom seems.


All in all, you could take the cohesiveness, personal preference, and finish texture into consideration in the selection of the color of the bathroom vanity.  And the white, black, blue, and gray are the four classic colors in the modern bathroom vanity. If you are not satisfied with the bathroom vanity on the market, you could get a custom-made vanity unit to fit your bathroom design.

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