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Bathroom Furniture Set FAQ: What is the standard Height for A Floating Vanity?

Foating bathroom vanities are one of the hottest new trends in the bathroom furniture industry with their features of high compatibility and practical functions. Of course, you also wonder why the floating bathroom vanity is the hottest trend? In this post, we, a floating bathroom vanities china manufacturer, would go over the information about this style of vanity, as well as provide you with our best floating bathroom vanities.

What is Floating Vanity

As the name supplies, the floating bathroom vanities is referred to be “floating” home furniture because they are wall-mounted to the wall and don't need the support of the pedestals.

Therefore, it seems bathroom vanity floating. The floating vanity is the modern bathroom furniture that creates a more luxurious bathroom. Even in their most affordable incarnations, these vanities look and feel expensive. floating vanity offers luxurious space, meanwhile providing a lot of functions.

What is the Standard Height for A Floating Vanity?

There are a variety sizes and heights of floating bathroom vanities on the market. The comfort height for bathroom vanity and sink is 29-30 inches with a standard height for these same vanities floating around 25-26 inches. Although they are installed for the purpose of reaching the total average vanity height of 30-32 inches. You also could have a custom-made vanity unit at a custom height.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Set

This is the classic and modern bathroom floating vanity set, including mirrored medicine cabinet, sintered stone countertop, and undermount ceramic sink. Adopting an environmental-friendly HD silver mirror, the vanity mirror could give you a clear reflection.

Are Floating Vanities a Fad?

The bathroom vanity floating is the hot new trend in 2022 and is compatible with a lot of bathroom-style designs. They’re available in several styles and finishes, and have plenty of perks to consider.

Why Should I Choose a Floating Vanity Over a Freestanding Vanity?

The freestanding vanity stands directly on the floor. Compared with the traditional freestanding bathroom vanities, the floating bathroom vanities have several benefits which the traditional bathroom vanities don’t have.   



Floating Bathroom Vanities

Freestanding Bathroom Vanities


Make the space seem bigger

Classic and timeless


No floor space taken up

Offers lots of storage


Efficient storage without compromising on space

Reduce cleaning


Available in several sizes, finishes, and colors

Cover up all your plumbing


Single or double-sink options



More challenging and costly in the installation

Take more space


May not be safe for homes
with small children due to climbing risk



As you see, the floating bathroom vanities have no pedestals which take much place in the bathroom. Compared with the freestanding bathroom vanities, they save more floor space, meanwhile making the space seem bigger. Second, the floating vanity is a great organizer for storing daily products without compromising on space.


Finally, the floating bathroom vanities are a great option for the modern bathroom design. They not only are the modern bathroom vanity but also could provide efficient storage without compromising on space. As a professional vanities china manufacturer, JOTTAI adheres to our company philosophy to make the best modern bathroom vanity set that is environmentally friendly and caters to the habits of the users.

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