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How to Keep Bathroom Mirrors from Fogging up

As you finish a satisfying shower, you may usually find your bathroom mirror fully fogging up. You rub the mirror with your clean hands in frustration. You also notice a layer of fine water droplets quickly settle on the bathroom mirror unit after a few seconds. Then more frustration is followed by more rubbing. Today, I will cover why the mirror fog up and the useful methods to clean the fogging in your mirror.

Why Does a Mirror Fog up When You Breathe on it?

The fogging phenomenon on the bathroom vanity mirrors is related to some knowledge of physics. During the process of your showering, the steam from the hot water would spread the whole bathroom.

When the steam gets in touch with the cold surface of the mirror, it would liquefy into the little droplets and is attached to the surface. The fogging on the mirror is the result of the liquefaction of the hot steam.

To clean the fogging may be tricky, but preventing the bathroom mirror away from fogging up is easy. There are many useful tips to help you prevent this fogging from your mirror. 

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a defogging tool that gets underestimated. The shaving cream would let your mirror free from the fogging for a few weeks. Before you take a shower, you could lather the mirror with shaving cream and wipe it clean with a soft and dry towel. But shaving cream does not appear in all families. If you don't have shaving cream, you could try other methods.  


Vinegar is a natural defogging cleaner for your mirror.  To make the natural cleaner, you need to mix the vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:1. You need to pour the mixed liquid into an old spray bottle to spray the mirror. Then wipe the mirror with a towel. The natural option could make the mirror clean for about a week.

Dish Soap

The dish soap is another practical short-term solution. You could put the soap onto your palm and add the water, in order to produce the soapy water. Then wipe the soapy hand across the face of the mirror. At last, you wipe it clean with a paper towel. This solution is effective for about a day.

Run Cold Water

As above mentioned, the fogging is a result of the liquefaction of the hot water vapors. Then, before taking a hot shower, you could run your shower water on cold for 30s before witching over to hot.
This solution could temporarily make the indoor space cool, and the fog would not form quickly. But this method can not make your mirror clear for a long time. Therefore, it may be good for those who don't spend too much time showering.

Extractor Fan

The extractor fan is a permanent solution for keeping your mirror from fogging. Furthermore, unlike the method of opening a window, it works all year round. Compared with the method of opening the window, it also doesn't need to let you bear the cold wind from outside.

Replace with Smart Mirror

Replace a new mirror is another permanent but simple solution for keeping the mirror from dogging up. The bathroom mirror demister of the smart mirror would preventing the fogging without any effort.  

smart mirror with touch screen
Smart Mirror with Touch Screen

Therefore, buying new bathroom vanity mirrors is a convenient, practical, and permanent choice for avoiding the fogging issue. By the way, some high-quality bathroom mirror is not expensive that we expect.

Blow Dryer

The above methods require a preemptive strike. But, if you have not time or forget to apply the above methods, you could use a blow dryer to quickly eliminate the fog from your mirror.


These above methods are practical and efficient for our home use. They don’t require too many complex tools to defog. All in all, installing an extractor fan or new bathroom mirror unit both are permanent methods for defogging. Others can not ultimately solve the problem, concluded by a professional bathroom mirror factory.

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