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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity?

When you determine to make custom-made vanity unit, you may frustrate about how to make a right-size and perfect bathroom vanity. You are on the right Page! Only you follows this article, you could get a proper bathroom vanity set.

Measure Your Space

This is the most important step to selecting your bathroom vanity. The available space of your bathroom directly determines what size of the bathroom vanity you could purchase. In the measuring process, you should measure three data in your bathroom: width, height, depth.

Measure the available width!

The width is the first factor you need to be aware of in the processing of measuring.

If you don’t want to change the other layout of the bathroom and don't want to move any of the plumbing, you should use the plumbing as the measuring start center and start measuring out equally in each direction to get the maximum available width in the space.

Also, you should measure from the center of the toilet to the place you plan to install the bathroom vanity to check whether it has at least 18 inches distance to obey the standard building code

Measure the Available Depth! 

When you decide the depth of the vanity, you should make sure you take the swing of the shower door, bathroom door, and vanity cabinet door into considerations.


Stick a piece of chalk on the edge of the door. Open the door and make sure the chalk makes a mark on the floor. Then measure it. You should leave an extra 1 or 2 inches to avoid a pinch point between the vanity and a swinging door.

Measure the Available Height!

Normally, the vanity is about 30''-37″. Before you are determining the height of the vanity, you should also consider the place of any accessories you’ve already got picked out, installed, or the wiring in place for. 

Bathroom Vanity Styles

There are three major vanity styles: single sink vanities, double sink vanities, and floating sink vanities. The single sink vanities and floating sink vanities are great for the relatively small-sized bathroom. The double sink vanities are the ideal choice for the shared-use bathroom.

Single Sink Vanities

Typically, the size range of single sink vanity is 24'' to 48''. As its name suggests, this type of vanity has one sink. A single sink vanity is the most common size of vanity. It is best for a relatively small-sized bathroom.

Also, you don’t need to be constraint by the normal layout of the single sink vanity. You could creatively place the single sink in the left or right of the vanity. It could add extra fun to your bathroom decoration.

Modern Vanity with Wash Basin
Modern Vanity with Wash Basin

Double Sink Vanities

The double sink vanity has two sinks that is the best choice for any shared-use bathroom. The siblings, roommates, couples could use the vanity at the same time and would not be affected by others' activities.

In this sharing time, they could have the joy of sharing and do their own things without interrupting. If you are planning to purchase the double sink vanities, you should measure your space to ensure you can install the double stink vanity into your bathroom.

double sink vanity
Double Sink Vanity

Floating Sink Vanities

Floating sink vanity is also known as Freestanding bathroom vanities. Usually, the size range of floating sink vanity is from 48’’ to 72’’. Unlike the above two vanities, the most outstanding feature of this vanity is floating. The floating sink vanities could give an illusion that the bathroom space is more spacious than before.

If you have a bathroom with a small footprint or a modern bathroom, a floating sink vanity would be your first choice to make your bathroom look more spacious.

Floating Bathroom vanity cabinet
Floating Sink Vanity

Other Vanity Considerations

From single sink vanities to floating sink vanities, we also should take the size and storage of the vanities into the consideration. These two aspects determine whether the function of the bathroom vanities could meet your daily use.


If you choose the vanity at your will, but the size is not suitable for your bathroom. It would be wasting of your time and energy.

The above-mentioned measuring methods could be good for you to clearly understand what size of vanity is fit to your bathroom, especially when you are planning to purchase the double sink vanity. 

If you have a small-sized bathroom, a single vanity may be your only and good option.


Before purchasing the vanity, you should consider the members of the family. If you purchase the vanity for your big family, you had better purchase a vanity with enough space to store your family’s daily necessities.


All in all, you should follow three aspects to selecting the right bathroom vanities. First, you should measure the available space for your bathroom before you purchase. Second, you could choose the right style, according to your daily needs. Third, you also should take the bathroom vanities‘ storage and the size into the consideration. If you are finding the best bathroom vanities, you could find the JOTTAI, a professional bathroom vanity combo china factory.

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