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What’s the Perfect Height for Hanging Your Bathroom Mirror?

After we finally find our dream bathroom mirror, we would confront the installation issue. For an instance, how high to place our bathroom mirror? In the following parts, the author would help you understand something you need to know about the installation of the bathroom mirror.

How high do I hang a bathroom mirror?

  • We usually are standing and look at the mirror in the bathroom. Therefore, the ideal height to hang a bathroom mirror is the bottom edge of the bathroom mirror is at least 135 cm away from the ground. If the heights of the family members have a large difference in height, we could properly adjust the height of the bathroom mirror at a vertical level. Frankly speaking, if our face could be reflected in the center of the mirror, the height of the bathroom is perfect.
  • When we start to install the bathroom mirror, we should not break the wall tiles, especially porcelain wall tiles. We had better use a water drilling machine to punch the holes at the gap between the tiles.
  • As for the style of the bathroom mirror, the frameless mirror is the best choice for the bathroom. It’s because the wooden, leather and other frame materials easily change their states, in the environment of long-time of the moist.
  • bathroom mirror cabinet

    Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

  • It’s time to talk about the bathroom cabinet. Nowadays, the mirrored medicine cabinet is our customers’ favorite. In the market, the height of the normal mirrored medicine cabinet is about 80 to 85cm (include the height of wash basin). In consideration of the common size of the most mirror medicine cabinet is 800~1000mmx450~500mm, the ideal installation height of the mirrored medicine cabinet is about 20cm away from the table.

Helpful Tips for Mirror’s Installation

  • Firstly, we should measure the distance between the mirror’s hooks and mark them on the wall. Second, we use a drilling machine to drill the holes. After finishing the drilling work, we put the plastic expansion tube into the hole and screw on the 3cm self-tapping screw. In the final step, you should leave 0.5cm of the self-tapping screw outside for hanging the mirror.
  • The bathroom mirror has an excellent extending function that expands the bathroom space in visual view. In the small size bathroom, the mirror makes the bathroom look larger and clearer. You could hang the mirror on the left or right side of the bathroom, so as to extend the sights.


When we install the mirror, we should first determine the installation location, the positions for the screws. All in all, home decoration is an art that has rich styles. Every decoration project has its own decoration solution. Therefore, the above advice is just a reference for everyone. The specific decoration still depends on the owners' ideas.

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