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Ultimate Guide: Smart Mirror, Smart Life

When you plan to decorate your new house’s bathroom, you may think toilet, basin, shower, and bathroom cabinet are very important. Hang on, you must have forgotten the mirror! The role of the bathroom mirror can not be underestimated!

Mirror’s Significance

A bathroom is subordinated to the living room and bedroom. A bathroom is an essential place where we often use it. A mirror is a great tool to feedback your dress-up and mental outlook. Also, the clear and bright bath mirror could give us a good mood when we dress up in the morning. Along with the wide implementation of the concept of smart home, the conventional mirror also gets the improvement in such a background.

OK, Let’s make the long story short. In this article, I will give you a brief instruction on smart mirrors which help you grasp the new trend of home decoration.

Smart Mirror

From the literal meaning, the smart mirror is “smart”. But why do people say the smart mirror is “smart”? Actually, the smart mirror has multi-functions that conventional mirrors don’t have. The smart mirror could display the time, weather, temperature, or even play movies. The smart mirror also equips AI which could communicate with you.

Smart Mirror

The functions are too various to list in detail in this article. If you want to know more details about its functions, you could consult the seller before buying. But I could give you a hypothetical scenario to present to you the convenience and smartness of the smart mirror: You wake up and walk toward the bathroom to wash gargle. When you brush your teeth in front of the mirror, you could easily know the weather, temperature of the day so that decide the dressing of the day. Evening, you drag your tired body into the bathroom to take a shower. The music plays from the smart mirror creates a relaxed and soft atmosphere for you.

LED + Smart = Excellent Mirror

In the condition of the lack of the sun shines, the bathroom becomes darker under the influence of the conventional mirror. The conventional mirror also makes the bathroom leaves a compact impression on the users. Partnering with the LEDs, the smart mirror provides a great solution to the dimly lit room. The dimmable LEDs could add lights into the dimly lit room.

LED Smart Mirror


Smart mirror is one of the major decoration trends in the modern days. The smart mirror expands the function and the definition of the conventional mirror. If your bathroom is dim, you could install a LED smart mirror to solve this problem. If you want to enjoy the charm of the smart life, you could buy smart mirror. JOTTAI could offer you a modern and high-quality smart mirror.

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