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Why aluminum honeycomb composite panel is ideal material for bathroom furniture? An insight into Jottai’s Bathroom Cabinet made of stainless steel /Aluminum panel with aluminum honeycomb at the core

The aluminum honeycomb composite material  is generally used in the aviation sector, and also used in the exterior wall decoration of high-rise skyscrapers. With features like light weight, high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, high flatness, fire and moisture resistance, It will not deform or vibrate under strong winds and exposure to sunlight, making it a great material for aircraft. Jottai is one of the earliest manufacturer in China making use of the honeycomb composite panel to make the bathroom vanity cabinet.  The weight of the honeycomb sandwich panel is only 1/5 of that of aluminum and 1/10 of that of steel and have the same rigidity. The interconnected honeycomb cores are like countless I-beams, evenly distributed and fixed inside the stainless steel/aluminum sheet on the surface. It makes the panel outstandingly flat, stable and resistant to bending, compression and deformation. The honeycomb core in the panel is divided into many closed cells to prevents the air flow. The heat and sound waves are greatly hindered, therefore, it has good effect of heat insulation and sound insulation. What’s more, it is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof and 100% green product with zero emission. The bathroom vanity cabinet made of honeycomb sandwich panel is extremely strong, stable and durable. It can last for a life time or even pass down for generations to come. It is indeed one of the ideal materials for bathroom furniture.

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