Single Sink Bathroom vanity combo with lighted led mirror, one wall hung shelf, sintered stone countertop and under-mount ceramic sink China manufacturer

Model: W-6044

Aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb composite materials                      

generally used in the aviation sector, and also used in the exterior wall decoration of high-rise skyscrapers. With features like light weight, high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, high flatness, fire and moisture resistance.  It will not deform or vibrate under strong winds and exposure to sunlight. The Jottai bathroom vanity cabinets use stainless steel or aluminum sheet filled with aluminum honeycomb, and the material stability is comparable to aviation material level.     




Green      Water & Fire Proof         Mildew Proof         Durable 

Environmentally friendly high-definition silver mirror

Float high-definition copper-free silver mirror, made of pure silver plated with British float glass technology; with the best thickness of 5mm and 6 strict procedures, the image is true and clear, 20 meters distance without distortion. Environmental friendly paint layer, which is even, firm and stable, moisture-resistant and waterproof.



Optional Smart Functions:


Multi-form Storage Space

meticulously partitioned, easily to store a variety of bathroom essentials

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet 

Adjustable glass shelves inside to accommodate bottles and vials of varying sizes 

Cabinet Combo with doors and drawers

plus the shelf and space under the cabinet, offering enough room to house a variety of items.


Wall-hung side cabinets and Shelves

Nano easy-clean glazed sink

three layers of glaze, calcined at high temperature, the surface is smooth and delicate, not easy to be stained

Premium hardwares

Premium adjustable slow-close door hinges and under-mount slides, quiet, smooth to open and close, durable, with 50K times of open and close tests and and 72 hours of salt spray test. 




Unrivaled Craftsmanship


  Automatic laser precise cutting to make exact sizes               CNC integrated bend forming,seamless, sturdy and durable   


Sintered Stone - from stone, better than stone 

Minerals derived from granite and quartz are made by high-pressure pressing and high-temperature calcination above 1200°C. It is beautiful and fashionable with natural and delicate texture. The water absorption rate is as low as 0.06%, the stain is not easy to penetrate, and it will be cleaned with a light wipe. Mohs hardness reaches above level 6, super scratch and abrasion 




Super Stain-Resistant              Scratch-Resistant                Heat Resistant


Cabinet Colors 






Main cabinet: Stainless steel


Mirror : stainless steel frame, 5mm thickness mirror with led light


Side shelf: Stainless steel


Sink: Ceramic under-mount


Countertop: Sintered Stone

Product Size

Main cabinet:1000X550mm

Mirror: 600X900mm

Side Shelf:230X900mm

Cabinet Color

Marble + Matt finish black




Fully Assembled, Freestanding


OEM/ODM , 7/24 service, prompt response


Household, hotels, resorts, commercial occasions 

* All stainless steel cabinet with aluminum honeycomb board inside, aeronautical grade material,  waterproof, moisture-proof , sturdy and durable. And most importantly, zero emission for care of health of you and your family

* Nano easy-clean glazed slim sink, calcined at high temperature, stain-resistant with smooth and delicate surface.

* Sintered stone countertop, super stain-resistant, hard and wear-resistant, high temperature resistance

* Multi-form storage space, reasonable partition, easily store your full happiness*High-definition smart silver mirror, soft led light, delivers optimal illumination for makeup application, grooming, and skin care.

* Premium adjustable slow-close door hinges and under-mount slides, quiet, smooth to open and close, durable, with 50,000 times of open and close tests and and 72 hours of salt spray test.


What's Included?


◆1X Main Cabinet

◆1X Mirror

◆1X Countertop

◆1X Sink

◆1X Side Shelf



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