Smart Mirror With Touch Screen: Smart bathroom mirror Led bathroom Vanity Mirror three Levels Brightness with Anti-Fog Function(Three Button)

Model: M-6001

What A Smart Mirror With Touch Screen Can Do?

Ideal led mirror for your bathroom

Energy efficient lighted bathroom mirror with ON/OFF button, light F it directly by the sensor. Unique ANTI-FOG touch button, providing a better shower experience after hot bath with a crystal clear reflection image; Dimmable round touch senor - mirror light can change light color, touch the dimmer button to turn the 3000K warm light to 4000K 6000K white light

Advantages of A Smart Mirror with Touch Screen

●The touch screen allows for dimmer LED light temperature. You could touch the dimmer button to turn the 3000K warm light to 4000K 6000K white light.

●The smart mirror with a touch screen also offers anti-fog functions, which provides you with a very clear reflection after the hot bath.

●The smart mirror with a touch screen is the fruit of modern technology, which provides the most convenience in your daily life.





5mm thickness copper-free silver mirror

Product Size


Led Light

Color Temperature: White 6000K, Natural 4000K, Warm 3000K

Operation Voltage: 12V DC

IP66 grade, Energy efficient with long life




Wall mounted


OEM/ODM , 7/24 service, prompt response


Household, hotels, resorts, commercial occasions 




* Float high-definition copper-free silver mirror, made of pure silver plated with British float glass technology; with the best thickness of 5mm and 6 strict procedures, the image is true and clear, 20 meters distance without distortion. Environmental friendly paint layer, which is even, firm and stable, moisture-resistant and waterproof

* Smart sensor touch switch , enjoy the smart life by one-touch

* Waterproof LED Light, stepless dimmable light & adjustable color temperature   

* Optional Functions: Defogger, time/temp./calendar display, Bluetooth Audio, Music, Movie etc.

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