Laundry Room Cabinet, flat countertop with sink at left side

Model: BF8801-1200

Laudry Room Cabinet for washing machine with sink and faucet 

Create a comfortable, beautiful and convenient laundry space for you  


laundry washing machine cabinet

Aluminium/SS Cabinet           Easy-clean Countertop         Meticulously Partitioned

Ergonomic Design                 Deepened Sink                     Big Storage

Versatile Cabinet

the conveniences you want, Jottai laundry cabinet can help you achieve

laundry washing machine cabinet

laundry room cabinetry

Deepened Sink                              Ergonomic washboard                         Built-in Design

for both clothes soaking                15 degree inclination, convenient         Stylish and 

and daily washing                          for hand washing                                  space-saving

Premium Materials 

withstanding scrutiny of the years

Aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb composite panel
 generally used in the aviation sector, and also used in the exterior wall decoration of high-rise skyscrapers. With features like light weight, high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, high flatness, fire and moisture resistance,it will not deform or vibrate under strong winds and exposure to sunlight. 

laundry room cabinetry

Aluminum alloy reinforced frame

thickened, widened, solid and stable

laundry room cabinetry

1. Cabinet can be fixed on wall 2. Reintorced Frame 

3.Solid & Stable aluminum honeycomb panel

Quartz Stone Integrated Countertop

Easy-clean|Hard & Stable|Sun & Weather-proof

laundry cabinet sink

Large storage space

big items like laundry basket and detergents can be placed orderly

laundry room cabinetry

Premium Hardwares
premium soft close door hinge, quiet,durable, smooth to open and close with 50,000 times of open and close tests and 72 hours of salt spray test. Adjustable cabinet feet, suitable for different floors, solid and stable


laundry room cabinet

                              304 Stainless Steel                                    Max Weight: 1000kg                                          72 salt spray test

laundry room cabinet

304 stainless steel soft close hinge

laundry room cabinet

304 stainless steel adjust cabinet feet






Main cabinet:Aluminum

Wall-hung cabinet: Aluminum

Countertop:Quartz Stone Integrated Countertop    

Main Cabinet Available Size

1000X580X970mm, 1100X580X970mm

1200X580X970mm, 1300X580X970mm

1400X580X970mm, 1500X580X970mm

Wall-hung cabinet Size


Cabinet Color





Brushed White +Glass Panel






Modern Fashionable


Fully Assembled, Floor standing


OEM/ODM , 7/24 service, prompt response


Household, hotels, resorts, commercial occasions 




*All aluminum cabinet with aluminum honeycomb board inside, aeronautical grade material,  waterproof, moisture-proof , sturdy and durable. And most importantly, zero emission for care of health of you and your family

* Roomy Cabinets, which are meticulously partitioned,  offering an abundance of room to house a variety of items.

*Porcelain integrated counter top with sink and spacious washboard, convenient, neat and carefree.

* with its simple and elegant design, the laundry room cabinet will surely add a beautiful touch to your laundry space. 


Benefits Of Laundry Washing Machine Cabinet

First, this laundry cabinet is specially designed for your washing machines. It mainly consists of a washboard, a sink, and a basin faucet. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a multiple and modern laundry cabinet. Second, the aviation-grade aluminum honeycomb composite panel makes it different from other laundry room cabinetry. Constructed by this top-quality material, this cabinet has high durability.



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