Ingenuity for better life

Jottai well understands the core expectations of consumers for sanitary products. Since its inception, Jottai has been committed to meeting and even exceeding customer expectations for sanitary products through ingenuity,design and technology.


Jottai strives to create environmental friendly sanitary products for health of our consumers, protection of our environment, and harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. The Jottai bathroom cabinet is made of all metal to achieve zero discharge of harmful substances. In addition, we are also working hard from all aspects of production, sales, and logistics, aiming to achieve the goal of carton neutral by 2030.


Good furniture can be passed down from generation to generation, and Jottai always makes it as quality requirement to produce bathroom furnitures that can stand generations of use. With strict selection of materials, pristine craftsmanship and meticulous quality control, we strive to make each of our products with unparalleled quality


Jottai adheres to design concept of timeless classic, and try to create the classics by blending design and technology. Jottai’s bathroom products are meticulously crafted from every detail such as structure, shape, line, color, touch, etc., to create elegant life for our consumers.


Jottai is committed to creating eye and heart pleasing products to give customers the best bathroom experience. We not only persevere in design, quality and services to improve customer experience. In recent years, we continuously increase investment in R&D of smart technology to create the smart sanitary products, allowing our clients to enjoy a smart life.




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