Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Custom-Made Bathroom Furniture

Model: Aluminum Panel

Strict material selection with unrivaled craftsmanship


Hundreds of Colors and Designs Available with surface treatments like soft touch, embossing, matt, high glossy, anti-scratch etc. on the stainless steel sheet 

Manufacturing Technology of the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

First of all, relying on the advanced technology of film laminating for aluminum honeycomb sheets, JOTTAI set a good foundation for the making of the aluminum honeycomb panel. Then, JOTTAI would press the stacked sheets to allow the adhesive to cure and bond the sheets of foil together to form a block of honeycomb with the independently owned composite sheet laminating technology. The last step----wrapping. JOTTAI also adopts the great profile wrapping technology to provide the ideal protection for the aluminum honeycomb panel.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Factory - JOTTAI

Established in 2007, the JOTTAI is an aluminum honeycomb panel factory that owns core technologies and rich manufacturing experience. JOTTAI specializes in aluminum honeycomb panels, decorative PVC panels, decorative furniture panels, etc. Therefore, JOTTAI could provide top-quality panels at the best price. Furthermore, JOTTAI is currently one of the few enterprises that have one-stop production solutions from raw materials to finished products.

Applications of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

aluminum honeycomb panel

aluminum honeycomb panel factory

furniture panel


Aluminum Panel


Aluminum grade: 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series

Decorative Film:PVC, PP, PET, PETG, Acrylic etc.



Sheet Thickness



Width: 1000-2200mm Length: 100-2440mm

Decorative Film Thickness



OEM/ODM , 7/24 service, prompt response


Furniture like bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe etc.



* State of the art automatic laminating production line

* The aluminum sheet can be laminated with PVC film, PET film, acrylic and other materials

* Can be laminated on one or both sides

* Numerous colors and decorative effects like soft touch, plain colors, wood grains, marble, high gloss, metallic etc.

Can be customized according to customers’ colors and size requirements

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